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CMA is one of the Hong Kong’s leading providers of professional training programmes.

We have developed our programmes in partnership with industry specialists and awarding bodies to underpin them academically. We have been developing professional programmes and cover a wide range of industries including:
What makes CMA unique is the blended approach we take to the delivery of our programmes. This ranges from self-study materials including textbooks and revision handout, to facilitator-led networking sessions. The breadth and depth of our programmes and learning styles offer flexibility and can be customised to meet the individual needs of organisations and adapted across industry sectors.

Arbitration & Mediation

Arbitration and mediation represent two methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that may assist parties in resolving their disputes


We are passionate

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We are passionate about what we offer and honest about what we expect. We constantly review our programmes and work with industry experts to ensure they are relevant and specific to industry.
CMA team is committed to checking the quality of our programmes and are available to offer support and give advice at every stage. We recruit industry practitioners to deliver our programmes, providing our learners with in-depth expertise and dependable support.
Our programmes are designed to enable learning to become part of everyday life. By placing learners at the centre of everything we do, we empower them to take control of their own learning and professional development.

Chartered Qualifications

  • Professional Certificate in International Commercial Arbitration & Mediation
    (Recognised by Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK leading to Associate Member of the CIArb, UK)
  • Professional Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration & Mediation
    (Recognised by Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK leading toFull Member of the CIArb, UK)

The course is intended for candidates who:

  • are new to the field of international arbitration and mediation and have not had any legal training;
  • wish to learn more about international arbitration and mediation and its benefits to users;
  • are considering further study to become an Chartered Arbitrator or Accredited Mediator;
  • wish to become an Associate Member of CIArb.


Commercial arbitration and medication is one of the growth areas of international business and trade today. It is also an area that is fast gaining importance and popularity in the domestic and international legal practice scene. Arbitration and mediation is also one of the most widely used dispute resolution methods in domestic and international business, often argued by many to be the only effective recourse for settlement of business differences.

Course’s Special Features:

  • Interactive learning
  • Networking opportunities
  • Role-play/ mock arbitration/ mediation to provide hands-on training to participants
  • An intensive professional course with academic structure

Course Contents

Professional Certificate
  • Module 1: International Commercial Arbitration
  • Module 2: Mediation
Professional Diploma
  • International Commercial Arbitration & Mediation
  • Contract and Torts
  • Civil Procedures and Civil Evidence

Who Should Attend

The study of arbitration and mediation are CRITICAL today because it is not widely known in the commercial sector. The program offers lawyers, business people and professionals an opportunity to study domestic and international arbitration law. It will also benefit people from multi-disciplinary industries such as maritime, engineering, shipping, construction, trading, insurance, banking, real estate, investment, medical and healthcare.

Key Outcome & Recognition

Participants who pass the written assignment will be awarded the “Professional Certificate/Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration and Mediation” by Chartered Management Academy. This certificate is accredited to exempt the holder from the Associate Membership/Full Member (ACIArb/MCIArb) examination of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Other requirements may apply with regard to membership application and those interested are encouraged to contact the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) in London for details.


Professional Certificate
  • Assessment consists of one assignment that is distributed to candidates on the day of the course.
Professional Diploma
  • Continuous assessment & Examination

Entry Requirements

Professional Certificate
  • There are no entry requirements.
Professional Diploma
  • A Bachelor degree or above; or
  • A relevant professional qualifications; or
  • Equivalent qualifications

Partner with us

CMA works with awarding and professional bodies to identify opportunities for collaboration.

Corporate Degree

Obtain credit exemptions by completing our Corporate Workshops that will lead you to graduate with a prestigious, governmental recognized Master of Business Administration (MBA) / Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). CMA understands that due to the competitive environment in the corporate world and for you to climb the corporate ladder, to the top of the corporate chain. To be respected by your superiors and peers, to have poise and have self – personal branding and bring prestige to yourself – Qualifications are the essentials to make all that happen and to make your biggest dreams come true. CMA only partner with selected and prestigious government recognised universities that are renowned in their academic ranking published in academic times

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